Monday, April 21, 2014

Artistic Evolution & The HAMMS Event

I knew as a little girl that I wanted to grow up to be an artist.  I just didn’t know what kind.  I was a drawer, a painter, a writer, an actor.  It wasn’t until well after college  that I discovered how much I loved the art form of jewelry making and design.
I started out by learning a few basic techniques in bead stringing and making loops and dangles.  I let my creativity move forward.

Selling my jewelry happened rather spontaneously and unexpectedly.  I had an acquaintance reach out to me and informed me of a small local craft fair taking place in a North Minneapolis Park.

I decided to fore go the traditional application process and drove up to the event early in the morning, introduced myself to the organizer and she allowed me to participate.  I paid the fee, drove to the closest WalMart for a cheap tent and folding table and set up shop.  I made three sales that day.  I was giddy.  A jewelry artist entrepreneur was born.  I began being involved with the Mill City Farmers Market and my business and relationships with my loyal customers has been growing ever since.

My displays and branding evolved over the next couple of years as did my jewelry evolve in design.  

I became more confident in my work and in believing that I can make a successful business from my own creations. I continue to participate in events. I learned all too quickly that there is a lot of expense to managing your own artistic business. Obviously there is the cost of materials, the packaging, the display, the booth fees, the marketing, the time, the tools and the list goes on and on.  For years I have been growing my business bit by bit developing entrepreneur skills along the way. I am making connections with my customers and my online sales have increased and I am excited to grow Aprilierre into a jewelry line found in unique specialty shops across the country.  

I was thrilled to come across an event like the HAMMS Event.   Here is an event that I am investing in that is structured to give one of  the participating vendors an opportunity to get that financial boost towards growing their small business.  The HAMMSEvent has put together an amazing ensemble of unique Minnesota Makers.  I am looking forward to the overall experience of connecting with so many talented entrepreneurs and see our businesses grow. Fashion blogger Sara Bartlett tells about her unique shopping experience at last years HAMMSEvent, leaving the impression that this is an event you won't want to miss.  I encourage you all to come out and enjoy this once a year event.  Another fun competition is the vendor who brings in the most people will be refunded their booth fee.  That is fantastic!  (Therefore, make sure you mention you heard about the event from Aprilierre at the gate. ) Meanwhile I will continue to create....

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  1. Lovely story. We are so excited to have you participate at the HAMMS Event.